As a novice to yoga in my late 40’s I found that a few one to ones with Claudia really set me up for the class environment – that combined with Claudia’s passion for the subject means that I have now become a dedicated yogi so much so that a few weeks without a class and my body starts to break down, more importantly it has significantly improved my golf swing for less effort! Sean

I have taken yoga classes for many years and I enjoy seeing what different styles each new toga teacher brings to the class. I very much enjoyed taking yoga classes with Claudia. 
Her class has a real flow to it, all the moves seamlessly blend in with the next one. I hurt my leg and had a hard time doing certain moves on one side. She was able to give me alternative moves which 
allowed me to continue on my practice that I felt still stretched me and also didn’t make me feel that I stood out too much from the rest of the class.” 

I hadn’t been to a yoga class for about six years and wondered how much I had forgotten. Claudia’s relaxed style of teaching made me feel easy about restarting and her incredible depth of competence is truly amazing. The yoga-ability which she has at such a young age is fantastic, and the fact that she is so cool about how she describe s postures and encourages people to try their best is really very grounding and engaging. Thanks for getting me back into practicing, it’s been great having you as a teacher. Neil

You are welcoming and encoraging at all times to everyone. Your classes combine stretching and aerobics in a managable way for all ablilities but I like the way you add in something challenging each time for us to try.
I feel I have learnt a lot about the breathing techniques as well. The fact that my son and daughter have been coming along to your classes only confirms your appeal to all!

Claudia’s teaching is really clear and has a great flow – so it’s easy to follow and improve technique.Bettina