About Claudia

Yoga is a very personal thing despite being something that unites us; everyone comes to yoga for different reasons and can take or leave whatever they want from it. Amongst other things Yoga is a tool to promote health both in the body and in the mind by giving us the ability to understand how we work and choose what is good for us. 

From an early age Claudia studied dance and performance and later went on to study Fine Art at University where she specialized in the mind-body connection through the medium of performance art. Claudia feels that by tapping into our individual creativity – aided and channeled by the practice of yoga – we learn (or relearn) to integrate the body, mind and spirit. Through movement, and specifically Yoga, one can dissolve layers of doubt and untruths; can bring about a sense of freedom and melt away resistance that keeps you from the life you want to lead and the goals you want to achieve.

The main style of yoga that Claudia teaches is Vinyasa Flow which focuses on moving in and out of asanas (postures) with the breath. Claudia has been practicing Yoga since 2003 and qualified as a RYT200 Teacher in 2009 with Vinyasa Flow teacher Ellen De Jonge at Yoga By The Way, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

Claudia spent nearly two years living in Playa Del Carmen where she trained and harvested the benefits of the local and visiting teachers such as Michael GannonBryan KestDarma Mitra and more. 

Now back in England Claudia continues to further her studies and deepen her understanding of Yoga as a Therapy. More specifically she has completed: Fiona Agombar‘s training – ‘Yoga for ME and Chronic Fatigue’; 4 days with Uma Dinsmore–tuli on ‘Well Woman Yoga Therap’y; two modules of Siva Rae’s teacher training, Rod Stryker’s course on ‘Yoga of Fulfillment: yoga and the path of destiny ‘; Tias Little‘s ‘Lymphatic Yoga’ and Judith Lasater’s ‘ Practicing and teaching from the organs. Total Yoga Nidra Teacher Training with Uma Dinsmore-Yuli and Nirlipta Tuli

Although she is dedicated to teaching Vinyasa Flow, Claudia is becoming more and more interested in the therapeutic benefits of Yoga on a gentler level for those who are unable to practice more vigorous styles of asana but whose lives are greatly enhanced by a more tailored practice. She has experience in teaching Yoga to male residents of a psychiatric recovery unit as well as to resident women on an acute psychiatric unit both within the NHS Mental Health Trust and to adults living with HIV and AIDS with the charity Body and Soul.

Claudia comments that “Every body is different and there can be a whole variety of things going on emotionally and physically at any given moment, therefore everybody’s practice is different and can also change daily. Claudia suggests that you “challenge yourself in class but listen to your body. As ‘Yogis’ we strive to be truthful with ourselves and avoid trying to mould ourselves to social or external expectations. Our bodies are complex and intelligent; we have to trust the signals that they give us and “Listen to the body’s whispers before they become shouts”.”

Claudia lives in London where she continues to study and teach. She is currently continuing her studies in Transpersonal and Intergrative Psychotherapy at The CCPE (http://www.ccpe.org.uk/) and hopes to integrate this new skill into her yoga practice and teaching. 

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Claudia is fully insured with Yoga Alliance.